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B-3725 TrimLineSeries™ Recessed Hand Dryer

B-3725 TrimLineSeries Recessed Hand Dryer


Recessed Automatic Hand Dryer with a 150 mm deep drying alcove to capture dripping water shall be type-304 stainless steel with all-welded construction; exposed surfaces shall have satin finish. Cover shall be 18-gauge (1.2mm) with a 50 mm projection from the wall. All welded corners secured to cabinet with vandal-resistant screws. Directed air nozzle shall prevent dryer from splashing water on the floor and or user. Hand drying alcove is equipped with a ceramic water absorbent surface to capture and evaporate water. Fan housings shall be fire-retardant molded black plastic. Motor shall be 1/7 hp, universal type equipped with automatic thermal-overload switch. Heating elements shall be located on outlet side of fan, shall heat air without hot spots, be inaccessible to vandals, and protected by an automatic thermal-overload switch. Dryer shall turn off automatically when hands are removed. LED will flash green when the dryer is ready, is solid green when the dryer is being used and is solid red when the dryer is not ready. Unit shall be CE marked and cUListed. Unit shall be protected by a limited 5-year warranty from date of purchase on all parts except motor brushes.


Satin-finish stainless steel


Water absobent surface, 70 dBA, 1000W. 5-year warranty


300 mm W x 610 mm H x 100 mm recess and 50 mm protrusion

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